Immortal Romance: Mega Moola by Microgaming  Introduction

Microgaming‘s vampire-themed slot is transformed into an exciting 5×3 reel Mega Moolah game. In addition to all of the well-known bonus features, the game now has an RTP of 93.4%, with a jackpot contribution of 5.3%. There are four progressive jackpots to delight jackpot hunters too.


By stepping into the Chamber of Spins you’ll find four progressive bonus games, each with its own unique features. As you play through the Chamber of Spins, you’ll collect reel modifiers the more times you trigger the free spins bonus round.

Wild Desire Bonus

You can experience some extraordinary fortunes if you trigger the Wild Desire Bonus feature randomly on any spin. You can win the game’s maximum win of 12,000 times your stake when it is active, turning all 5 reels wild.

Free Spins

The Chamber of Spins round begins when three, four, or five golden door knockers appear. Amber, Troy, Sarah, and Michael, the game’s heroes, each have their own bonus game. After triggering the free spins round five, ten, or fifteen times, you will unlock the remaining games in Chamber of Spins as you progress.

Amber – As soon as Amber triggers, you will receive 10 free spins and all wins will be multiplied by 5x. During this feature, you can retrigger up to 20 free spins.

Troy – You’ll unlock 15 free spins and the Vampire Bat feature if you trigger the Chamber of Spins feature five times. The vampire bats transform random symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers for a total of 6x.

Michael – The 10th trigger leads to the vampire lover. A rolling reels feature will be triggered and you will be awarded 20 free spins. Cascading wins increase the multiplier here by 1 from 2x to 5x, but free spins cannot be retriggered.

Sarah – As a reward for triggering 15 features, Sarah, the human, awards 25 free spins with Wild Vine symbols that randomly transform 15 symbols into wilds. In this game, landing two to five scatter symbols will award you one to four additional free spins.

Blue slot by Endorphina  Introduction

The Blue slot by Endorphina is a classic five-reel, three-row video slot that takes you on a journey through the deep blue sea. With a calming soundtrack and captivating graphics, this game gives you a relaxing experience as you explore the depths of the ocean. You can find plenty of ways to win with the bonus features, wilds and scatters, and the potential for big payouts.

Gameplay and Symbols

The Blue slot features several symbols that make up the reels, including sea creatures like turtles, crabs and fish, as well as classic card symbols like A, K, Q and J. The wild symbol is a treasure chest that can substitute for any other symbol on the reels and create winning combinations. The scatter symbol is a mermaid that can trigger the bonus game when three or more appear on the reels.

Bonus Features

The most exciting feature is the bonus game, which is triggered when you land three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Once activated, the bonus game takes you to a new screen where you are presented with five different treasure chests to choose from. Each chest contains a different bonus prize, such as free spins or bonus multipliers. These bonus prizes can significantly increase your winnings, making the bonus game a great way to boost your earnings in the game. Overall, the Blue slot is an exciting game that offers plenty of opportunities to win big with its bonus features.


The Blue slot by Endorphina is an exciting game that offers plenty of ways to win big. With its beautiful graphics, relaxing soundtrack and bonus features, this game is sure to please players of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time or a chance to win big, the Blue slot is a great choice.

Triple Fortune  Prior to March 20, 2022, Jose Lopez, a self-employed painter from Lynnwood, Washington, was already no stranger to success at the Tulalip Resort Casino, approximately 30 minutes’ drive from his home. Lopez had previously won a slot machine jackpot worth $20,000, but that windfall merely served as prologue to the events that unfolded early on a Sunday morning, shortly after midnight.

At the behest of his girlfriend, Lopez, who reportedly usually played ‘Triple Fortune’ and ‘Buffalo Gold’ slot machines, tried his luck on ‘Golden Charms’, which is a 3×5-reel, 50-payline progressive jackpot slot. For a $5 bet, Lopez, 39, lined up the five golden fish required to win the ‘Grand’ progressive jackpot on a single payline and scooped a massive $2.37 million. In so doing, he beat the previous record for a slot machine payout at Tulalip Resort Casino, $1.1 million, also set on Golden Charms two years earlier. In fact, registered the highest slot machine payout ever reported in Washington State.

Dan Miller, spokesperson for the AAA Four Diamond resort, said, ‘He [Lopez] took home some cash, but the majority was in a check. They [The State of Washington] withhold 25% in tax.’ The tax deduction amounted to an eye-watering sum of $592,500, or thereabouts, but the somewhat reluctant gambler still profited to the tune of $1.78 million.

Elmer Sherwin  According to one estimate, based on the number of stops and the number of stops corresponding to a jackpot symbol on each reel, the probability of winning the ‘Megabucks’ progressive jackpot is 1 in 49.8 million spins. Nevertheless, the late Elmer Sherwin, who died in 2007 at the age of 93, defied astronomical odds – in the order of trillions to one – to win the jackpot not once, but twice, at two different Las Vegas casinos, sixteen years apart.

Sherwin was already a 76-year-old retiree when, on November 22, 1989, he lined up the Megabucks symbols for the first time at The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip, which had only opened to the public earlier that day, and collected $4.65 million for his $3 stake. According to a spokesman for The Mirage, Sherwin played for about an hour-and-a-half and invested about $100 before winning what was, at the time, claimed to be the largest jackpot even won on a slot machine in Las Vegas.

Evidently not entirely satisfied with winning the progressive jackpot once, Sherwin continued to pursue what he later called his ‘life’s dream’ of a second Megabucks win for the next sixteen years. The stars, or at least the Megabucks symbols, aligned for a second time at the Cannery Casino in Downtown Las Vegas on September 16, 2005, and Sherwin collected a further $21.1 million. By now aged 92, Sherwin donated much of his winnings to charitable causes, including to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which had caused catastrophic damage to cities along the Gulf Coast, including New Orleans, the previous month.

Largest Slot Machines  Named after a World War I German howitzer, the now-retired Big Bertha was, for many years, a fixture of Bally’s Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co., at a reported cost of $150,000, Big Bertha was a novelty item, intended to dominate the casino floor and draw attention to slot machines. Measuring nearly eight feet tall and five feet wide, with three huge reels driven by a five horsepower electric motor and 20” chain wheels, Big Bertha certainly succeeded in that respect.

Despite the undoubted success of Big Bertha, the pioneering ‘super slot’ was superseded, in the Fifties, by an even bigger machine known, unsurprisingly, as Super Big Bertha. Similarly expensive to manufacture, Super Big Bertha measured over eight tall and six-and-a-half feet wide and featured eight reels with twenty stops apiece.

Elsewhere on the Las Vegas Strip, at the Wynn Casino, the so-called ‘Microspin’ owes its name to the fact that it is based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, rather than anything to do with its size. Indeed, Microspin stands nine feet high and for a period, in the late Nineties, had the distinction of being the tallest slot machine in the world.

Still in Las Vegas, but away from the Strip, in Downtown, Four Queens Casino was home to a gargantuan slot machine known, unsurprisingly, as the ‘Queen’s Machine’. The Queen’s Machine measures ten feet tall and nine feet wide and, in its heyday, had the distinction of being the largest slot machine in the world. It was large enough, in fact, to accommodate six, seated players, who wagered on each spin via individual betting stations.

Several hundred miles northwest of the Las Vegas Strip, in Lake Tahoe, the now-defunct Barney’s Casino was, in its time, home to another celebrated, mechanical monster, which went by the name of ‘Big Irish Luck’. As the name suggests, Big Irish Luck featured four-clover and shamrock symbols, among others, on its five gigantic, Irish-themed reels.